OT Teacher Guide

Lesson Title Lesson Scriptures Lesson Theme PDF
Deborah Judges 4:1-23 Let us trust in God even when others do not. file_download
The Calling Of Gideon Judges 6:11-40 God wants to do great things through our lives. file_download
Gideon's Army Of 300 Judges 7:1-25 God wants to receive the glory for what He had done. file_download
Samson is Born Judges 13 God sent a deliverer! file_download
Samson & Delilah Judges 16:4-21 Remain faithful to God! file_download
Samson Pulls Down a Temple Judges 16:22-31 Though we have made mistakes, God can still use us! file_download
Ruth Chooses to Stay With Naomi Ruth 1:1-18 God is pleased when we show loyalty. file_download
Ruth Gleans in the Fields Ruth 2 God always provides for His children. file_download
Boaz Redeems Ruth Ruth 4:1-13 Jesus has paid the price for us all. file_download
Hannah 1 Samuel 1:1-19 God hears our prayers. file_download