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Sunday, 04/18/2021
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Paul's First Journey

BIBLE PASSAGE:  Acts 13–14

STORY POINT:  Paul and Barnabas told Jews and Gentiles about Jesus.

KEY PASSAGE:  Matthew 28:19-20

BIG PICTURE QUESTION:  What is our mission as Christians? Our mission is to make disciples of all nations by the power of the Holy Spirit.


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Overview For Parents:

Jesus’ followers preached the gospel in Jerusalem, and the good news spread to places like Judea and Samaria. More and more people believed, and new churches began as both Jews and Gentiles began to follow Jesus.

Barnabas went to Antioch—a city about 300 miles north of Jerusalem—where he brought Paul to help teach the believers. The church in Antioch grew.

The Holy Spirit told the believers at the church in Antioch to send out Paul and Barnabas to preach the gospel. The church obeyed, and Paul and Barnabas traveled to several cities and all over the island of Cyprus, telling both Jews and Gentiles about Jesus.

Consider Paul, once a devoted persecutor of Christians, now a Christian missionary devoted to obeying God’s call to go and tell others the good news about Jesus. This was Paul’s first missionary journey, and it wasn’t easy. Paul and Barnabas faced rejection in every place that they traveled. Some of the people believed, but some of them were angry. Many people rejected the truth about Jesus. In some places, the Jews made plans to kill Paul.

Paul and Barnabas never softened their message or abandoned their mission. In Lystra, Paul healed a man, and when the witnesses to this miracle began to worship Paul and Barnabas, the two men emphatically gave credit to the one true God. When Paul’s enemies attacked him and left him for dead, Paul continued on. Paul and Barnabas shared the gospel in Derbe (DUHR bih), and many people believed.

The Holy Spirit sent Paul and Barnabas to tell Jews and Gentiles about Jesus. If Paul had not taken the gospel to the Gentiles, many of us would probably not be believers today. God uses people to tell others about Jesus so that people all over the world can be saved.




God Is With Us
Today, we saw how God lead and protected Paul and Barnabas as they told other people the Good News. In the same way, we can know that God is also with us, too! Have you ever been afraid to do something? Is there something that you are afraid of? Today, take some time to pray and ask the Lord to help you remember that He is always with you.


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