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Kids Church Lesson

June 16, 2024

This Week in Kids Church - Paul Visited the Churches Acts 18-21       

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This session, we read of Paul’s determination to extend Christ’s invitation of faith to non-believers and to deepen the faith of those who were believers. No part of this third missionary journey proved to be easy. Even still, Paul knew his purpose was to proclaim the gospel to all who would listen, testifying to the grace he’d so freely received.

What propelled Paul forward on his voyages, despite the dangers and troubles he faced? What drew others to listen to him, believing in the gospel he’d committed his life to proclaim?

In Acts 18:9, the Lord declared to the apostle Paul in a night vision, “Don’t be afraid, but keep on speaking and don’t be silent…” These words strengthened him amidst the legal allegations he faced in Corinth and even further as he traveled throughout Asia on mission for the gospel. It was Paul’s steadfast conviction that made others hone in on the words he spoke about God’s kingdom. They listened as he gave of his time, committing months and sometimes even years of his life to growing his disciples in the faith. He taught diligently and passionately, believing that God would be faithful to open the people’s hearts toward His truth.

Paul faced opposition from idol worshippers in Ephesus, as well as from Jews who plotted against him as he began to set sail for Syria. The gospel was controversial on all sides—for all who did not believe Jesus was the only way to the one, true God. Even still, God protected Paul throughout this journey, and the missionary even declared that the value of his life could only be found in proclaiming Christ’s truth.

Though Paul ventured to so many places, met so many people, and experienced so many different cultures, it all points back to the incredible God who safely led him on this journey for the spread of the gospel. Help your kids see that we serve the same God that Paul did, and that He is worthy of our trust and obedience as we set sail on mission—near or far—so that others would know His saving love in Christ. May we, too, seize every opportunity to share His love with all who may hear.

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