New Testament Devo

Lesson Title Lesson Scriptures Lesson Theme PDF
The Riot at Ephesus Acts 19:11-41 Faithfulness leads to a fruitful life. file_download
Paul is Arrested in the Temple Acts 21:26-22:29 There is no room for prejudice in the Christian life; Jesus died for all men. file_download
Paul is Sent to Felix Acts 23:23-24:27 Sometimes God works to protect us in ways we do not understand; we just have to trust in Him. file_download
Paul Goes before Agrippa Acts 25:13-26:32 We should take every opportunity to tell others about Jesus. file_download
Voyage to Rome Acts 27:1-12 The best place to witness is where God has placed you. file_download
Shipwreck at Malta Acts 27:13-28:16 We should have courage and never lose heart because God is faithful. file_download
Paul's Ministry in Rome Acts 28:17-31 It is important to share the truth of Jesus, even if people don't believe. file_download
Paul Writes about Faith Romans 3:21-5:5 We are saved by faith! file_download
Freedom from Sin Romans 6:1-23 Jesus has set us free from sin. file_download
The Two Natures Romans 7:1-25 Even though we are saved, we still sin sometimes. file_download