OT Support Curriculum

Lesson Title Lesson Scriptures Lesson Theme PDF
The Lord Cares For His People Psalm 34 God will help us when problems come. file_download
Don't Worry, Trust in the Lord Psalm 37 Trust the Lord at all times, and remember the blessings He gives to those who follow His ways! file_download
Delight in God's Will Psalm 40 Trust in God. file_download
David Asks For Forgiveness Psalm 51 God is faithful to forgive. file_download
Thirsting After God Psalm 63 When we have problems turn to God! file_download
Seeing Things the Right Way Psalm 73 God wants us to see things the way He does. file_download
Staying Under God's Shadow Psalm 91 God is our protector. file_download
Worship the Lord! Psalm 100 Praise God with a joyful heart. file_download
The Importance of God's Word Psalm 119 God’s Word helps us to live for Him. file_download
God in Our Family Life Psalm 127-128 God wants to bless our families. file_download