OT Support Curriculum

Lesson Title Lesson Scriptures Lesson Theme PDF
Job is Blessed Job 42:1-17 God is faithful to sustain us. file_download
Choosing the Right Path Psalm 1 God wants to bless our lives. file_download
Jesus is Crowned King Psalm 2 Jesus Christ is King of Kings & Lord of Lords. file_download
Beginning Our Day in Prayer Psalm 5 God wants us to pray to Him everyday. file_download
God's Work and God's Word Psalm 19 God shows us who He is through His works and His Word. file_download
Trusting in God's Strength Psalm 20 Let us trust in God. file_download
A Prophecy of Jesus Psalm 22 Jesus died for you and for me. file_download
A Shepherd's Psalm Psalm 23 The Lord is our shepherd. file_download
Our God Is Powerful Psalm 29 God reigns in heaven and on earth. file_download
The Lord Delivers His People Psalm 30 God hears and helps His people. file_download