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Wednesday 7/1/2020

The Ten Plagues and The Passover

BIBLE PASSAGE: Exodus 5-12

STORY POINT: God delivered His people and proved He is the One True God.

KEY PASSAGE: Hosea 13:4

BIG PICTURE QUESTION: Is there anything God cannot do? 

God can do all things according to His character.

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Story Picture


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Activity Sheet

1st-6th Grade

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Jesus Sets Us Free
God used Moses as an example of who Jesus would be to us! Just like Moses lead the Israelites, Jesus leads us to freedom through his power. Sin is like a slave-master, and we can't free ourselves from it. Only the power of Jesus can do that! This week, take a few minutes to thank Jesus for coming to free you!

Resources to Print:

1st-2nd Grade Activity Sheet

3rd-4th Grade Activity Sheet

Preteen Kid Study

Overview For Parents:

God had a plan to rescue the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt. He chose and called Moses for the task and allowed Moses’ brother, Aaron, to help him.

Moses and Aaron faced a huge obstacle in leading the Israelites out of Egypt, and his name was Pharaoh. Pharaoh did not recognize the Lord’s authority: “Who is the LORD that I should obey him by letting Israel go?” (Ex. 5:2) Pharaoh hardened his heart against the Lord, but all of this fit into God’s plan to reveal to Pharaoh—and all of Egypt—who He is.

First, God sent a series of plagues that wrecked Egypt. The plagues were acts of judgment designed to show the Egyptians who God is—and the Egyptians learned their lesson. Read Exodus 8:19; 9:20,27; and 10:7.

The tenth plague was the most severe and had the greatest impact on the Egyptian people. God told Moses that around midnight, every firstborn male in Egypt would die. But God gave specific instructions to the Israelites. They were to slaughter a lamb or goat and put its blood on their doorposts. The blood on the doorpost would be a distinguishing mark. When God saw the blood, He “passed over” the house.

The Israelite people were sinful, and they deserved death just as much as the Egyptians did. But God graciously provided a way out. By marking their doorposts with the blood of a lamb, they were spared from the judgment and death they deserved. The lamb was killed instead. The heart of the gospel is found in the story of the Passover: Jesus never sinned, but He was crucified for our sins. We deserve death, but He died instead.


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