Nursery Activities

It’s Alive Activity

As your child/children learn that Jesus is alive, they explore play dough using cookie cutters of various things that are alive.


Place the play dough on a tray. Set the tray on the table.

Encourage your child/children to create creatures and things they see in nature out of play dough. Explain to your children that all these creatures (Examples: birds, people, flowers, fish, and other animals) are all alive. Ask your child/children, Who made all of these things? God did! Invite children a few minutes to play with the play dough.

Welcome—Ponder Point: Jesus Is Alive

It’s time for us to dig, dig, dig right into God’s Word and find out what He has to say to us. Before we do, let’s all stand up and sing our Bible Song together.

Bible Song (sung to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”)

Now it’s time to hear God’s Word

Hear God’s Word

Hear God’s Word

Now it’s time to hear God’s Word

So let’s look in the Bible

Jesus Is Alive

John 19—20



Print The Big God Story images. On the front side of the paper plates, use the marker to draw a happy face on one, a sad face on another, and a mad face on the last one.  


Place the paper plate faces within reach of you.


It’s just about time to hear another part of The Big God Story. Before we go any further, let’s all pray together and ask God to teach us. Lead children in a Prayer. 

Did you know that you’re alive? Allow time for responses You are! Let’s all take a big breath and blow it out. Take a big breath in and blow it out. Can you stand up and jump up and down? Come on, stand up and let’s jump. Jump together. Wow, you’re great jumpers! You can do all of those things because you’re alive. Today in The Big God Story we’re going to hear about Jesus dying and then becoming alive again!

One day some people who didn’t like Jesus said some mean things to Him. Hold up the mad face. Can you make a mean face? Invite your child/children to respond. They said He wasn’t God’s Son and that He wasn’t our King. But we know that Jesus is God’s Son. We know that He’s our King. These men didn’t want to listen to God. So they decided to kill Jesus. It was a terrible thing to do. Jesus died. This was so sad. Hold up the sad face. Can you make a sad face? Pause for response. Jesus had to die on the cross to take away our sins. Show image #1.

But wait … there’s more to the story. God had a special plan for Jesus. After Jesus died, His friends took Him to a tomb. A tomb is like a cave. They wrapped Jesus up in cloth and laid Him inside. Then they rolled a huge rock in front of the tomb. Let’s all stand up and pretend to roll the big rock in front of the tomb. Model this and encourage your child/children to do the same. The big rock closed the tomb like a giant heavy door. Show image #2. The rock in The Big God Story was very, very big. Is this rock little or big? Hold up you paper rock and allow your child/children to respond. Three days passed. Let’s count to three. One, two, three. Great job! 

One day Jesus’ friend Mary came to the tomb and saw that the huge rock was gone! Mary didn’t see Jesus inside the tomb. He was gone! The tomb was empty. Show image #3. Mary was sad and cried. Show the sad face. Can you make a sad face? Pause for response. Just then, two angels came. An angel asked Mary why she was crying. She told them that Jesus was gone, and she didn’t know where He was. Then Mary turned around and saw someone. Whom did she see? Children will answer. Jesus! Show image #4. But Mary didn’t know that it was Jesus. Then Jesus said her name, “Mary.” Mary was so excited. Jesus was alive! Show the happy face. Let’s all make a happy face. Make a happy face with the children. Can you stand up and cheer with me? Let’s shout, “Jesus is alive!” Stand up and shout. Jesus wasn’t dead anymore. Jesus is alive! Jesus told Mary to tell everyone that He is alive. 

Jesus died because He loves us so much! He was in the tomb for three days. On the third day, Jesus came back to life. This was all a part of God’s plan. God knew that Jesus would have to die for our sins, but He also knew that Jesus would come back to life! When it was time, Jesus went up to heaven to be with God the Father. Let’s celebrate together that Jesus is alive! Encourage your child/children to clap their hands dance around the room, praising God that Jesus is alive! Model this by joining in on the celebration.


Song of Celebration

Do you think Mary and Jesus’ friends were happy that Jesus was alive? Invite responses. Yes, I think so too! When I’m excited and happy about something, it makes me want to dance. Today I’m excited that Jesus is alive. We’re going to dance and sing a song. Lead kids in a celebratory worship song.  

Flower Bounce Activity

As children remember that Jesus is alive, they make some flowers bounce on a parachute/sheet.



Lay the sheet on the ground and place the flowers on top of it.


Invite your child/children as well as other members in your family to gather around the outside of the parachute (or sheet) and grab hold of an edge. On top of the parachute/sheet are some different colors of flowers. What colors do you see? Invite responses. We’re going to make the flowers bounce when we make the parachute go up and down. Demonstrate how to lift the parachute/sheet up and down slowly. Encourage your child/children to do the same, making sure they go up and down all together at the same time. Once everyone gets the hang of it, invite them to go faster so the flowers begin to bounce. 




Have your child/children stand up and speak this blessing over them:

(name of child/ names of children), Jesus is alive! May you know His great love for you today and always.

Open a Bible and read Luke 24:6a:

He has risen!