Preteen Leader

Rachel grew up in a Christian home and chose to believe in Jesus when she was young. When growing up, she found out that she would need to make a recurring choice to follow Jesus when she got older. It was in her Freshman year in high school, at summer camp, that she was baptized. As Rachel gets older she still has to continue to follow and believe in Jesus.
Currently Rachel is serving in the Preteen Ministry currently, and she likes hanging out with kids, teaching them what she can. She has also helped at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa's VBS since she was in 7th grade. When she was 16 years old, she began helping with 4 year olds on Sunday mornings and in 2019 began working with the Preteen group. Rachel has also served at Jr. High Camp for two years and at Day Camp.
Rachel's family consists of a mom, Lynda, and a dad, Aaron, along with three older siblings, making her the baby of the family. Her siblings are: sister Jessica, brother Joshua, and brother Matthew. Her sister has two kids, her nephews, and one more on the way in June.
Serving Since: 2010
Favorite Verse: "She is more precious than rubies, And all the things you may desire cannot compare with her." Proverbs 3:15