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Check In

When you bring your children to any of our Children's Ministry classes, we have a check-in process for you to follow. The steps of this process are listed below.

Check In

An adult can check-in your children at one of the conveniently located check-in kiosks in the courtyard. 

Key Tags

You will be given a key tag with a barcode to check-in your children, and we encourage you to use this key tag whenever you are checking in your children. If you happen to forget it, you may also use the last four digits of your phone number or your last name to check in. 

Printed Tags

Upon check-in, each child will receive two adhesive name tags for each service they attend. One tag will be placed prominently on your child. For children three and under, please place the name tag on their back. Each child must have a name tag to enter the classroom. The other name tag will be given to the teacher in the classroom for the class roster. In addition, you will receive a claim check with a unique number that matches your child's or children's name tags. You will also have the option to have an item tag printed out for diaper bags and other personal belongings. 


Each child must be taken to their assigned class room by an adult and handed over to a Children's Ministry teacher. Your child's classroom number will be printed on their name tag. 

Check Out

When picking up your child, go directly to your child's classroom. An adult must present the claim check to pick up your child. Your child's teacher will match the unique on your child's name tag with the one on your claim check. Once the match is verified, your child will be released to you. Keep your claim check, as you will need it to pick up all of your children. 

DISCLAIMER: Privacy is important to Calvary Chapel. Personal Information is only used for ministry purposes and the safety of our families.

Family Information Check-In Card